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Whichever service we provide you with, using the Bytes Portal will make it easier to access the best pricing. There are tools that simplify the process of finding, buying and administering Training Courses or Software Licensing. Once you have registered, all the information in the Bytes Portal will be tailored specifically for you!

You will be able to access contract details and pricing for all the software services Bytes provide you with.

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...for online procurement and management of
Software Licensing and Learning Solutions.

Please note that this Portal will no longer be available after 1st September 2022 and you will be redirected to our new Commerce website. You will have been contacted separately about this via email with instructions on how to make the move. If you require any further information please contact your Account Manager or Account Management Team.

Software Licensing

Easy access to Agreement information and pricing catalogue.

Bytes Portal gives you direct access to your current agreement information and the best prices for the software you need. The pricing is tailored to your specific contract parameters, meaning you always pay the correct price for any licenses you require. Our Portal helps you easily compile license quotations, which can be saved and emailed to any chosen email address. You can search quickly and easily by product family, product type or manufacturer part code. You can also convert your quotations into online orders effortlessly. View, refresh / edit and add to quotations at any time.

Accurate, quick and effortless online ordering makes for easier administration providing you with reduced procurement costs.

Learning Solutions

You can access Pricing catalogues for various training courses via the Bytes Portal. If you purchase your Learning Solutions and training courses from Bytes, your employees can utilise the Bytes Portal to make it simple for them to request training courses.

The portal allows for multiple levels of customisation from basic cosmetic enhancements to more sophisticated authorisation and sign-off processes for employer and employee to benefit from.

Security and reliability

The Bytes Portal features a high level of security. All Bytes Portal users are issued with their own personal login and password to access the secure service.

The service operates on a secure server over HTTPS using SSL encryption meaning you don't need to worry about security of data.